Fees for Foundation Degree Programmes 2017/18

The tuition fees for full time Foundation Degree programmes, studied over two years, 120 credits per year, are £6,995 per annum.

Foundation Degree programmes may also under taken on a part time basis, over three years, studying 80 credits per year, the tuition fees for which are £4660 per annum.

Funding for Foundation Degree Programmes

Unless students are planning to self-finance their Foundation Degree programme, they will need to apply to Student Finance England (SFE) to cover the cost of their tuition fees. The SFE then pay the tuition fees direct to the College. Tuition Fee Loans are available to both full and part time students. Full time students may also apply to SFE for a Maintenance Loan to support them during their period of study. There is a core and a means tested element to the Maintenance Loans so all students will need to submit financial information to support their applications.

To ensure that Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans are in place for the start of their programme of study, students should make their applications as soon as they have received an offer of a place. Applications are made on-line via the gov.uk website. This site also contains information, advice and guidance on Student Finance, how to apply, what a student might expect to receive and repayment. Repayment does not start until a student has completed their programme of study and is earning over £21,000 per annum.

For further information or to make an application please click here.

Please note that students who have previously completed a University Level programme, will not be eligible to apply for Student Finance and will need to self-finance their programme of study. The College can offer payment schemes to make this more manageable.

Funding for Learning or Other Support

Students who experience difficulties with reading and/or writing due to an assessed, or as yet unassessed, Specified Learning Difficulty, such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia or ADD/ADHD or who have a medical condition or physical disability that may affect their studies, may be entitled to some form of support under Disabled Student Allowance (DSA). Applications for DSA are made on-line in the same way as for Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans, but are not repayable.

It is important that students who need support are assessed and apply for DSA as soon as possible to avoid delays in help being available to them when their commence their studies. To apply, students will need to provide evidence of their needs, which should be based on a post-16 assessment. If students have not been assessed since school, this will need to be arranged.

For information or to make an application please click here.

Please note, if you have studied at the College before and received support, do not assume that this will automatically continue. University Level students must obtain DSA funding before they can access support services, either at the College or privately.

Further Advices and Information

If you require further support with regard to applying for Student Finance, please contact the College’s Higher Education Advisor on:

Telephone: 01392 400909
Email: HEadviser@exe-coll.ac.uk

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